Basketball is one of the sports loved by many sports enthusiasts. As one of the sports events of the 2nd Sports Meeting of Leoco Company, a fierce basketball match was held at October 20th. All people were actively involved and enthusiastic.

The basketball match was held in a well-equipped gymnasium. And the contestants were divided into black and white teams. After simple arrangement , the match started in the whistle of referee.
All people were dazzled by excellent skills showed by every constant in the scene. The viewers were also enthusiastic with cheering and shouting one after another.

The score with the fierce match is also constantly changing. In the end, the white team won the game by a narrow margin of 59:55. The wonderful basketball match fell to the curtain with everyone’s congratulations.
This match not only shows everyone’s youthful style, and enhances the friendship between colleagues, but also shows the spirit of unity, harmony and courage to struggle.