We focus on cultivating of talents through regular staff training, offering all employees ways to improve their skills and develop their untapped potential. By providing a comfortable working environment, we progress together as a company


Leoco organizes various team-building activities on a regular basis to forge a stronger bond and understanding among all members, improving team cohesiveness and inter-department cooperation


Leoco organizes staff outing annually to encourage employees to walk in nature, relax and enjoy the beauty of life. The company also provides comprehensive welfare benefits to improve the employees quality of life.



  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in chemistry, biology, environment or food with three years working experience.
  • Proficiency in office software skills.
  • English CET-4 or above, able to converse and write in basic English.
  • Fresh graduates with past experiences in chemical laboratory instruments are also welcomed to apply for this position.

Process a pro-active working attitude and coordination skills with a strong sense of responsibility working in a team environment.

Dedication is the key

At Leoco, our strong track record is built on the foundational beliefs that happy employees bring satisfied customers. With customer satisfaction as our end goal in mind, Leoco Corp always seeks new and innovative ways to achieve our primary mission. Speak to our local customer service officer today to find out more!