My greetings to all leaders, distinguished guest, Vice-President Liu, Leoco (Suzhou) members and their families.
On this very day of 28th October, which is also the 09th September in lunar calendar that coincides with Chung Yeung Festival, we are holding our Leoco (Suzhou) 20th Anniversary Sports Days. The double 9 signifies longevity in Mandarin which makes this event even more meaningful.
The date 09th of Sept reminds me of a Chinese song “Wine of 09th September”. When I first step forth into Nanjing, China in Yr1996 which is our current Leoco (Suzhou), this song was playing in all streets and alleys, it started my 20 years destiny with Leoco (Suzhou).
During that year, Leoco (Suzhou) started its operation and our family welcomes our first born as well, my eldest son is of the same age as Leoco (Suzhou). During these 20 years, I accompanied my son through his toddler days to become a matured and responsible young man. At the same time, I have also witnessed the tremendous growth of Leoco (Suzhou), from a little known to a globally recognized brand name today.
Especially so when we moved our PCMCIA production here and through the close working relationship with Leoco (USA), we won the many praises and trust of our customers, evolving from the previous labor-intensive production to current advanced fully-automated production model. Most important of all, we continue to add new members who are full of zest as well as experienced senior members to the organization. It enables us to improve our production and quality standards which are well recognized in this industry. These efforts are from each and everyone, putting excellence to strive and achieve this result together!
We are proud that our products are fitted in Telsa electric vehicles, LED TVs are equipped with our PCMCIA, smart water and electric meters in all America are also equipped with our connectors and cables. Reverse car cameras for commercial vehicles, innovative toys for children, technology advanced harmless e-cigarette and all kinds of new high technologies products, these are through our continuous engagement with our customers that we can develop innovative and reliable products to elevate peoples’ living standards and happiness.
In the coming years, we will respond to what President Xi said, China will be transitioning from a manufacturing major to a manufacturer power.
Leoco will be an elite member in this manufacturing power.
Our short-term goals: Implementation of IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management, Certification of ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management Systems, increase production equipment, expand the depth and breadth of our standard products, establishing e-operating environment and in-depth data analysis.
Our mid-term goals: Establish Product Lifecycle Management, training of elite staffs and middle/higher management members.
Our long-term goals: Following the government policies through collaboration with the industry agencies, advancing into smart automation and industry 4.0.
Lastly, on-behalf of Leoco Corporation, I want to thank all members for your efforts. Let us not forget our initial hard work, continue to have the fighting spirit that has led us for these 20 years, with consistent and practical operating principles, to create a better future and a better life.
I wish everyone a blessed family, good health, smooth production and prosperity for the company. May this event be a success!