It’s also a good time of travel in the Spring of 2018, Leoco(Suzhou) organized the annual Spring tourist activity, each department is careful planning this activity, such as QA dept. and ENG dept. organized the trip to the Shaoxing city of Zhejiang province, firstly they came to the Xi Shi’s hometown, appreciate the excellent beauty, feeling the culture of Wu Yue in the Spring and Autumn period, all people enjoyed themselves. Then they came to the Wu Xie scenic resort with “Natural oxygen bar” reputation, the hill looks like a picture and with the beautiful waterfall flying down, the water flowing through the hill is limpid, the trees on the hill are green, climb on high, the beautiful scenery are all in our eyes.

In addition, other departments organized to Tianmu lake of Changzhou city and Anji city of Zhejiang province and other scenic resort. All staffs took active part in this Spring tourist activity, they got out of the company to embrace the nature, climbed the hill, appreciated the beautiful scenery, relaxed and enjoyed themselves.