Leoco USA was established in September 8, 1989, 30 years ago.
To celebrate Leoco USA’s 30th anniversary, we authorize a global forefront and creative art studio in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to diecast a stainless steel trophy as a souvenir.
The design concept of the statue is illumining from one of Leoco USA’s most successful OEM product, which is the 7 positions board to board connector, transfer into an image of the Dragon,
which is also Leoco company name in Chinese.
The Dragon is standing on a wood base as Leoco’s oval shape Lego and the figure of the Dragon is a letter L (which is the lego of Leoco) in any different angle of view.
The eyes of the Dragon are made by unparalleled blue crystal, namely we hope the Dragon eyes will lead Leoco to future outstanding and prospective vision.
The teeth of the Drgaon is also depicted by the patent latches of the B2B connector which symbolize we will continually chasing the innovative technology.
The dorsal fins are composed by 7 conductors of the B2B connector, in order to honor the record-breaking sale number (more than 70 Millions) of this OEM connector.
The motion of the Dragon is jumping at the next glory. “Toward the Next Glory” of Leoco is the intended goal of Leoco.
On behalf of Leoco’s respect and thanksgiving, the limited edition 20 sets of 30th anniversary trophy will be a gift to our supportive customers and contributive employees.