Ever since 2014, Leoco increased the R&D funds to develope and introduce many advanced automated production equipments to solve the restriction of human resources and labor costs on production efficiency and product competitiveness.

With the continuous development and use of automated production equipments, Leoco has basically achieved the production mode of most automatic operation added light semi-automatic operation, which greatly reduces the human resources demand and labor costs. For example, the orders in 2015 increased significantly, but the number of operators required was reduced to less than 50% of the original. At the same time, the use of automated production equipments reduces the incidence of human error greatly, improves the quality stability of the product remarkably. The production efficiency gets exponential promotion.

In 2017,Leoco will continue to develop and introduce automated production equipments, with the upgrading of existing equipments to continuously promote the production ability and improve product quality, saving costs and reducing risk for customers.