The annual sport meet has become an yearly event of Leoco company. And table tennis is one of the newly added competitions of the second Leoco sport meet. At September 25th, Table Tennis competition officially opened. The first is the group game. 4 contestants are finally in the finals after nearly half a month of competition.
Table Tennis individual finals kicked off at October 18th.All the people at the scene of competition are enthusiastic and every contestant is gearing up and eager to fight. During the competition, we saw straight bat, row, smash, spin ball, loop drive, etc. All contestants have fully demonstrated their skills, with continuous shouting and cheers around.

After fierce competition, Chard Wang of Engineering department and Yi Zhu of Materials Department won the men and women individual competition champion, and the united team of Sales Department and QC Department won the group game.

The competition is more involved, which aims to enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees. The table tennis competition not only provides a platform for everyone to communicate and show themselves, but also injects new vitality into our busy work.