On October 28, 2017, Leoco (Suzhou) held a sport meeting at the Wujiang Party School’s playground. At 8 a.m., the participating staff and their families arrived at the Wujiang Party School playground on time and were neatly lined up. At 8:30 a.m, after the host officially announced the opening ceremony, the eight teams lined up neatly and orderly. Subsequently, Vice President Liu and Vice President Wang successively made speeches, followed by representatives of suppliers and representatives of “Sanhao Students”. At 9:10, Vice President Wang and Vice President Liu presented their awards to 23 senior staff of our company in succession, and thanked them for their hard work over 20 years. Then the senior staff representatives gave speeches.

9:30, Vice President Liu announced the official start of the Games. Subsequently, eight teams of athletes on 80 meters of men, 80 meters of women, 350 meters of men, 350 meters of women, 700 meters of men and women mixed race ,these five competitive race after race on the race to go all out. At the same time, fun race, help each other, work together, tug of war ,these four team project also fiercely competed in the middle of the playground. In the meantime, eight representatives of the park garden booth provided a wide range of food and items. At 12 o’clock, the five competitive events passed the preliminaries and the finals, eventually winning the championship, second runner-up and third runner-up. The four team projects also competed for the championship after a fierce competition. The Engineering Department team won the champion of the games. Finally, the leaders of our company presented the award-winning athletes and teams with a group photo in turn. At this point, the 20th anniversary of our company factory sports event came to a successful conclusion.

The 20th anniversary of the plant sports event fully demonstrated our strong cohesion and employees a good mental outlook and team awareness.