October 27th, 2018, Autumn, flags fluttered on the football field of Suzhou College of Information Technology and red tents attracted people’s attentions. It’s the second sports meeting of Leoco (Suzhou) Company .

At the opening ceremony, the Vice-president Wang of Leoco encouraged everyone to bring the craftsmanship spirit into work after a wonderful show of cheerleaders. And the Vice-president Liu quoted “Happiness is achieved through hard work” of China President Xi to inspire all the employees of Leoco. Then Liu announced the opening of sports meeting and the competitions began gradually.

The competitions are divided into four parts, such as athletics, team competitions, garden party and parent-child activities. On the sports field, all of us work hard and do our best. These competitions test not only the physical strength of athletes, but also the cohesion of the group and the ability to work together.
Good times are always going fast. The fire-like enthusiasm of thousands of people defeated the cold of late autumn. A warm closing ceremony brought the event to another climax. This sports meeting which aims to strengthen the cohesion of company, enhance the friendship between colleagues, and enrich the amateur life of employees impressed us deeply with great meanings.

And we also look forward the Third Sports Meeting with the theme of environmental protection.